Life-stage specific digital treatment for musculoskeletal pain and pelvic health

Harp Health is an end-to-end virtual care solution, offering personalised specialist care when you need it, from the comfort of your own home.
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A solution tailored for you

On-demand remote access to musculoskeletal and women's health physiotherapists
Expert curated therapy and exercise plan designed to suit your life style
A personalised recovery and pain management programme accessible through Harp Health's mobile app
AI-assisted behavioural coaching to help you adhere to your therapy
E-learning to help you understand the causes of your pain
How it works

Schedule an appointment, and we will match you with the best therapist for your condition
Your physiotherapist will assess you via video and talk you through your therapy plan
Get your personalised therapy programme based on your assessment
Acheive your individual goals with the support of your dedicated coach

"Harp Health has been so helpful in treating my postnatal hip and back pain. The app is user-friendly, and the virtual appointments made it easy to find time in my schedule. My therapist was on-hand to answer any questions, and the app’s prompts and videos motivated me to make sure I was seeing results."

Emma, Harp Health member since Dec 2022

"With conventional physiotherapy I’ve always struggled to keep going with the exercises they set, and soon fall back into bad habits. Being able to get constant feedback from my physio made it much easier to keep on track and I’m now able to function normally again without pain"

Jasmin, Harp Health member since Nov 2022

"I’ve been dealing with incontinence issues for over a year and it had started to significantly affect my quality of life. I was intimidated by the prospect of facing these issues alone – having virtual appointments with Harp Health's physiotherapist gave me the opportunity to discuss my apprehensions and the state of my condition on an ongoing basis, to ensure the most targeted plan of approach for my treatment. The peace of mind has been such a game changer."

Anna, Harp Health member since March 2022

"I am very pleased with my experience with Harp Health. I have had lower back/hip pain problems for many years resulting in much time off work. Despite doing multiple rounds of physiotherapy through the NHS, my condition had not improved. I had given up and accepted that the pain might be chronic. After only 4-5 appointments with Harp Health physiotherapy, I started observing a decrease in pain. This was due to the great personalised exercise and pain release plan which my therapist provided following my feedback/body response."

Bojana, Harp Health member since March 2022

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